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Stephen Hailey of The Baseball Mission, LLC

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Stephen Hailey’s passion for baseball was developed as a young pitcher in both high school and college. Though scouted by major league baseball teams, Hailey met and married the love of his life, got a job, and began to raise a family. Playing sports with his children renewed his passion for the sport of baseball. As his frustration grew in his position as a sales representative for an equipment manufacturer, so did his desire to run his own business. Combining baseball and entrepreneurship appeared to be the most likely solution for Mr. Hailey.

Mr. Hailey’s stepfather advised him to go to the Small Business Development Center since he had never run a business. Mr. Hailey began by attending a Tennessee Small Business Development financial seminar in late 2011. He then worked with Tennessee Small Business Specialist at Cleveland State Community College to turn the dream into reality. Per the TSBDC’s advice, Mr. Hailey spent several weeks researching and writing a business plan, studying demographics and baseball training facilities, and interviewing coaches. A friend read his business plan and was so impressed with the effort and the idea that he invested in the business. Soon a building was located and in September of 2012, The Baseball Mission, LLC, a state-of-the-art baseball and softball training facility, opened its doors in Cleveland, Tennessee.   Economic impact was initially $50,000.00 in capital infusion and one job retained.

The primary customers of The Baseball Mission, LLC are local baseball and softball teams, athletic organizations, and recreational programs. By 2015 the business had grown so much, a new, larger facility was necessary to meet demand. In three years, the number of employees has grown from two to eleven and 2015 revenues have doubled since 2013. Due to the business’ success, Mr. Hailey was able to repay the original investor as well as obtain a line of credit from a local bank which was doubled in 2015. The reputation of the facility is such that the Atlanta Braves have inquired about The Baseball Mission, LLC working with their young pitchers. Stephen Hailey has been able to take his dream to assist area youth achieve success on the field and make it a reality.

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