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Rick and Renee Dillon and Megan Hines of Hops and Barley

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Hops and Barley is a locally owned restaurant in Union City, Tennessee. They offer a family-friendly environment and strive to create exceptional food, for the best price, with outstanding service. Hops and Barley opened in March 2014; it is co-owned by Rick and Renee Dillon and Megan Hines. Hops and Barley has earned success through hard work, an amazing staff and the loyalty of its customers. 

In January 2014, Renee Dillon requested assistance from the University of Tennessee-Martin Tennessee Small Business Development Center, with a business plan for a proposed restaurant.  She had more than 15 years of experience in managing a restaurant and felt it was time to open her own business. The TSBDC provided assistance with her business plan, including several versions of a pro forma.

Renee said: “The TSBDC at UT-Martin has backed us and helped us from the start. They helped us develop our initial business plan and generate three years of sales predictions. We have also taken advantage of the many classes they provided, such as their QuickBooks training.”

In its first three years, Hops and Barley has paid off its initial debt and now has 16 employees.  The staff participates in Habitat for Humanity, Chimes for Charity, Walk of Hope and other local causes — using their success and blessings to help others.

“Without the community’s support and hardworking employees, we would never be where we are today,” Renee said. “We are so blessed and look forward to an even brighter future.”

The continued support we get from TSBDC has always been very helpful. The one-to-one free counseling and seminars they provide have been invaluable to our business

Sue Pittman

Owner, Ms. Sue's Med Spa

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