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Kristie Holdren of My Veggie Chef

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Kristie Holdren’s passion for vegan cooking began in 2006 when she discovered a recipe for vegan cheese dip that was better than the real thing.  From that moment on, Kristie began to transform meat-centric dishes from her childhood into delicious vegan masterpieces that would fool even the most devoted carnivore.

Kristie started My Veggie Chef, a vegan meal delivery service, in order to share her healthy, vegan creations with the community.  Kristie is a strong supporter of local businesses and designs her menus around seasonal produce as much as possible. 

Kristie met with Charles Alexander, Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at Volunteer State Community College, in 2012.  She wanted to get more organized and have a plan to grow this business. Her goals were to double the size of the business and begin shipping to other states.

Over the next few years, Kristie worked with the TSBDC to develop a business plan, create goals, and get organized! Since then, My Veggie Chef has moved to a larger location, hired multiple employees, increased revenue by 5 times, and is now also shipping to 22 states.  As a client of her own business, Kristie is in the best health of her life! 

I got so much great advice and encouragement from Charles and TSBDC when I started my business!  I still hear his voice in my head saying that it just takes time to build a business.  In fact, I was telling someone just the other day to be patient and let things happen in their business.  One minute you are just getting by and a few months later you are paying your bills and have extra money to invest in your business.  Patience and focus have been my keys to success! 

Kristie Holdren

Owner, My Veggie Chef

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