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Kim and Michael Turner of Fun Time Bowling Center

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In 2008, Kim and Michael Turner realized a long-held dream, they purchased the local bowling alley in Lewisburg, TN, the Fun Time Bowling Center. After several years of operations, the Turners discovered integrating the range of skills needed to manage the business aspect of their dream proved to be both complex and nuanced. In early 2016, taking the advice of a local government official, the Turners sought the counsel of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) for guidance in improving the performance of their business.

A TSBDC Business Development Specialist visited the Turners at the Fun Time Bowling Center and guided them through the process of performing both an operations analysis and a financial analysis of the facility. The site visit and financial review identified critical deficiencies in the maintenance of the building and equipment, financial oversight, and marketing strategy. The Turners and the TSBDC Specialist used this analysis to develop an improvement plan for the bowling center.

The Turners enthusiastically embraced the improvement plan. Within a few months, the facilities’ infrastructure was repaired, financial oversight was implemented, and the marketing campaign was executed. The results from the Turner’s execution of the improvement plan were outstanding. In less than a year, revenues increased 62% and profitability increased in excess of 300%.

“Working with the TSBDC taught us how to restructure our business from the ground up. They came in as a mentor and gave us a template to stop the downward spiral. Working with the TSBDC also gave us the solid foundation to make changes in our business that gave us a positive outlook on our future. We are so thankful for all their help and input.”

Kim and Michael Turner

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