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Felecia Teddleton of Felecia Bella Boutiques

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Felecia Teddleton DSCC 2014 Success Story

Felecia Teddleton, owner of Felecia Bella Boutiques, after two years of being a trunk show/distribution business, purchased a vacant building in downtown Rutherford, Tennessee and embarked on the brick and mortar path to retailing in the boutique industry. Word of the unique shopping experience began to spread quickly to women in other communities and before long customers were coming to Rutherford from miles around to shop at Felecia Bella. The increased customer traffic created the need for more staff. The successful location in Rutherford, Tennessee led to store expansions in other area cities. Seeing a high demand from customers from larger cities, Felecia opened a location in Germantown, Tennessee, later followed by a Jackson, Tennessee location. Growing a company-wide staff from 3 to 15 in less than 6 years came with both growing pains and successes. Now, 10 years later the business is still growing. With business counseling assistance and guidance from the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at Dyersburg State Community College, Felecia and her staff completed the opening of their fourth boutique located in Union City, Tennessee and that particular expansion was the catalyst that pushed annual sales over $1 million. The TSBDC continues to provide business counseling assistance which now in-part has resulted in the opening of yet another Felecia Bella location in West Tennessee, resulting in more jobs and opportunities for women in rural entrepreneurship. The TSBDC is now working with Felecia on her next venture, which is the launch of an exclusive Felecia Bella clothing line to be carried in the boutiques.

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