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Donna Burks of DLB Cleaning Services LLC

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“Every day, I still feel like I’m living out my dream,” says Donna Burks, owner of DLB Cleaning Services LLC. Her Ooltewah-based business has clients in Cleveland, Chattanooga, and surrounding communities. With a background in healthcare, Donna decided to form a business providing public and private sector cleaning services in 2011.

Fifteen years in nursing and health care administration taught Donna how important cleanliness is to public health. Her business is a natural continuation of her work in the health industry. Making sure people are able to live and work in clean, healthy environments is a strong motivation. As an extension of her mission, Ms. Burks uses environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.

As a part of her introduction into the world of business ownership, Donna chose to take advantage of the resources available through the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Cleveland State Community College. The small business specialists at the Center were able to advise her on various business, marketing and financial topics. Ms. Burks also utilized training opportunities to sharpen her QuickBooks skills and expand her knowledge of other business matters.

Now that Donna has successfully been in business for just over two years, her goals are to continue to gain new clients and increase revenue while adding new employees. Her passion for both the industry and her business has allowed her to steadily increase her private and commercial clients. She has been able to provide both full- and part-time work for eight people through her efforts.

Every day, I still feel like I’m living out my dream.

Donna Burks

Owner, DLB Cleaning Services

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