I’m avoiding a storied intro to prevent myself from accidentally using one of the phrases below.  Just sayin’.  Dang it!

  1. I’m just not a computer person – This is not 1995 and we are not listening to dial up noises, trying to cancel AOL, or fighting the blue screen of death.  Technology has come a long way, so most businesses should have a decent looking website, accounting software and have most transactions automated.
  2. People just don’t want to work anymore – Ughhh…..you are right that some folks are looking for a free ride, but most people are willing to earn a living.  We have turnover when we hire someone at the last minute, don’t train them, or spend time praising them for the things they are doing correctly.
  3. I don’t know about this next generation – Every previous generation sounds like Grumpy Old Man from Saturday Night Live.  For example, Gorat from the Stone Age says, “Plato, think he smart, with his wheel and philosophy.  In my day, we just had square and cave drawing.  And we like it.  No, we loved it!”  Millennials may be a little self-absorbed, however, they are more socially aware than previous generations, tech savvy, and they are not going away.
  4. It is, what it is – Translation, “I’m too lazy to find a solution.”  Or, even explain the situation, which lacks a solution.
  5. Just sayin’ – A big one here in the South.  And 1st cousin to “It is, what it is.”
  6. Please advise – This is just a passive aggressive way to make someone else explain every, single step for you.  “Dear CPA, I just received my tax returns and it says I owe $3,000.  Please advise.”
  7. I must be doing something right, because I’m still here – Well, that may be true in part, however, just being here doesn’t equate to success.  Otherwise the post office and your appendix would be considered a roaring success.

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